Potato Ingredients – What great websites are made of in the Philippines



Website development and design has always been one of our passion, creating digital products and making sure that there’s a proper union between design and technology. We consider our profession similar to cooking, we need to able to learn about different ingredients and how to cook up the perfect web products.

We’re continually learning new tools and techniques. We’re using these different ingredients to cook up the perfect product for our users. The perfect recipe is achieved once technology, design and people come together.

These are the Potato Ingredients for a great Potatocoded website:


Design Sprint

The design sprint came directly from silicon valley, where companies try to streamline the creative process of creating products. The process involves the whole team to get an eagle’s eye view of the project with all the factors to be considered for the design.


Web Tooling

Finding the latest tools and technology to build our apps and products. We try to be as efficient as possible and to make life simpler for our users the smart way! Knowing the proper tools makes all the difference.


Security Protocols

We make sure we add a double serving of security protocols.  We’ve done extensive research on how to secure our digital products from malicious attempts and other nasty and dark entities of the web.


Robust Build

We’ve spent years trying to perfect our custom use for the different frameworks available in website design and development. We’ve integrated default plugins and settings for security, versatility, user-friendliness, responsiveness and aesthetics.


UX Research

Gathering information from the actual target market we acquire an in-depth understanding of the users. By adding a spoonful of User Experience research in our products we’re able to design a user-specific approach to website development and design.


People Skills

Our understanding of social behavior creates for us a unique connection with people that we work with. We are able to transcend the current limitations of technology with just a pinch of our people skills.


Team Culture

We take healthy amoutns of rest, interaction and adventure to keep our creativity and efficiency at the optimum levels, oh and we love food too, burgers, pizza oh and especially Potatoes! More Mojos please!


Lean Method

A lot of ideas can bog down a project pretty quickly. We implement the core startup techniques like the Lean Methodology for an agile and efficient approach to problem solving for the businesses and individuals we will be working with.