Devhugot and the Potatocodes Culture



This is how my day starts, I wake up, eat my oatmeal and read the bible. After a while the doorbell will ring and a Potatocoder comes in, one Potatocoder after another, until the whole office is filled with bubbly beaming Potatocoders. Everyone comes in for the general meeting held every twice a week. We have mastered the art of working remotely and in the process we save a lot of hours. Instead of being stuck in traffic we’re all able to produce better products for our users. This is our company culture and it will carry on even if we’ve added hundreds and thousands of other Potatocoders to our growing family.

Our work is always a healthy mixture of professionalism and fun. One example is the devhugot posting we did a while back, we thought it would be a good idea to merge our hugot in life and our work life. Most of you did too, and if you got to know more about Potatocodes, you’d find that there’s more to us than just a good sense of humor.

In Potatocodes we keep it light. In creating our websites and mobile apps we try to incorporate as much of the fun aspect as the technical parts. We strongly believe that the people part of technology and design is as important as the other parts. Website development and website design doesn’t have to be all about the product itself, we’re more interested in knowing, how do we affect and influence people with the products we do.