7 Social Media Marketing Must-Knows for Newbies.




“How do I get started with Social Media Marketing?”
“What are the things I should know?”


These are the usual questions, anyone starting in Social Media Marketing would ask. I don’t have any background in marketing, but Google provided me with essential information.


Recent trend shows that companies and businesses have taken social media as an effective marketing platform. It’s a leveled playing field for consumers to actively voice out concerns and needs—and for businesses to gain presence, showcase their products/services, and analyze consumer statistics. Social media analytics give businesses reliable information on how they’re doing.


source | google photos


Social media is slowly becoming a staple platform for businesses and I want to share with you seven (7) things that I’ve discovered and learned as I manage Potatocodes’ social media page. Take note, social media success is not an overnight process. It requires consistency and a whole lot of creativity and perseverance.


  1. 5 Ps of Social Media
     When we were just starting in the social media marketing scene, we spent days typing “social media strategies” , “social media techniques” , “social media marketing tips” for N-times in Google search to look for articles to help us with Potatocodes’ Facebook Page growth, until we tried Youtube which led us to Guy Kawasaki talking about Social Media where we learned the 5 P’s of Social Media :
  • Facebook : People
  • Twitter: Perception
  • Google +: Passion
  • Pinterest: Pinning
  • LinkedIn: Promote (originally it was pimping in his talk)


     Facebook is for people. It’s a platform that connects everyone. It’s continuously evolving and is constantly changing the game for all social media platforms.


While Twitter is all about perception. It’s a micro-blogging platform for everyone. A very effective way of spreading quick infos and updates under 140 characters.
On the other hand, Google+ is about passion. People find and join groups or create their own circles that revolves their interests and of course, passion.
Pinterest is for pinning. People go and pin images, articles, videos, etc, that they find interesting.
And lastly, LinkedIn for promotion. It’s a platform for people to connect with companies and showcase their skills.
     Knowing the 5 ‘P’s gives you an idea which platforms you need to build up on.
     So what’s the use of knowing the 5 Ps? As a social media manager, 5 P’s will help you know which is the right platform that can help you achieve your business goals. Remember, misuse of social media platform can result to an ineffective marketing strategy. If your aim is to invite people with your upcoming event, then Pinterest neither LinkedIn won’t be a good medium for your event promotion.


  1. Focus on One (1) Social Media, FIRST.
     I guess this is one ultimate protocol you’ll see online: to create an account for every social media there could possibly be, which I realized isn’t really that much effective. Putting up different accounts and consistently maintaining them is one arduous task as a manager. We tried doing it in the first few weeks but ended up not reaching our business goals, and so what we did, we first establish our online presence in one account, gain as many as possible followers, then start working on with the other platforms. The good thing with establishing one account is that, it can give you a great lead since you are well-known in your first platform, and so working on your other accounts will just be a piece of cake for your followers will just come right at your front door without you engaging them.


  1. Make a great profile.
     You don’t get a second chance to make your first impression. Your profile represents your whole business/company, it might require effort to fill out the About section of your page and time to post photos and updates, but you have to or else, you might lose your first follower.


  1. Stalk your competitors. Observe.
     We are good at stalking, especially girls. And so, if you can stalk your crushes, bosses, or friends, I believe you can also stalk your competitors. I am a great follower of the idea “Copy, steal, and make it better.” In Potatocodes, I remember spending days going online and stalking our competitors in the field. We copy what we see is good in their social media accounts, and steal the thinking behind it (don’t copy, steal the thinking! nobody wants to be sued for copyright).  We ask ourselves, “why did they publish such post?” , “what’s reason for changing their content?” and once we understood the magic behind it, we then optimize and make a better version of it.


  1. Greatest Formula = Trending + Content + Visuals.
     If you really want your business to escalate in social media, you have to follow it. I can’t think of any other way for you to make it aside from this formula. You have to be updated of what’s trending and create a great content accompanied with visuals, for the best way to your market’s heart is through content.
“What if I can’t create a great content yet?”
     I must say that it takes time and it’s hard at first to come up with a post that will catch your market’s heart, and so what you can do is to Curate.
                    Review —- > Curate — > Publish
source | categorical.com

source | categorical.com

  1. Use #hashtags.
     Don’t belittle hashtags for it can give you leads and great conversions. As you start your social media management, you have to think of keywords that you want to be related with your business. If you are Starbucks, coffee, coffee shops, coffee beans etc. are the perfect keywords. Once you have your keywords, consistently append them as hashtags to your posts, so that when your target market looks up for keywords that is related to yours, your business page will come up in the list. And Lastly..


  1. Understand People.
     The way to a client’s heart is through content, but the way to win business is through people. I remember one public speaker once said, “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.” You won’t win in marketing if you disregard your consumers/users behavior. And so as a manager, you have to study and spend time analyzing their daily routines, and what your market really wants. Therefore, go forth and start striking conversations with one of your market.


     There are still hundreds of ways to make it in the social media, and these are just seven (7) out of n-ways that can help you get to it. If you do have more to add to our must-knows comment it below and we’d love to read it and learn more!