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We are a digital product agency and consultancy. We


craft kick-ass websites since 2014

are cooking something new.

are Philippine WordPress Website Developers.

do things the smart way.

are fulfilling dreams while others sleep.

are changing the world.

are doing things the POTATOCODED way!

answer to questions. ^1000 Use the hashtag #Patatanong in your tweets!

are the unsung heroes of our generation.

are the change you want to see on the net.

love mashed potatoes in winter.

want you to follow us on our social media accounts.

are SPARTAAANS! ^1000 But seriously we’re Potatocoders.

will be back right after coding.

are playing Resistance at the moment…^1000 Wanna join?

Making Life simple, doing things the smart way.

We pride ourselves as top-notch Philippine WordPress Website Developers. With our experiences in branding, website development and product development we have simplified the process of creating modern-day websites. We create products with the purpose of creating communities around them and to tell a story the simplest and smartest ways possible!


Creating an identity for your brand with our top-notch design work.


Consult with us to create a user experience that is unique to your brand.


Mobile-friendly, fast and scrure websites and apps are our specialty.


Increase leads and followership. We can help you build your community.

Our Works

What our clients say...

They are easy to deal with, gives you advices and ideas for your website,
always updates you about the progress, and they are very friendly.
Their service is super worth it!!!!

– Zion Dizon | Pink Penguin PH


POTATOCODES INC. was able to help us connect to more student and parents in a modern way”

– Steve Michael Moore, UST Office for Admissions

Redesigning Manila for the better

What I like most about Potatocodes’ services is how they involve you ( client ) in their website making process. From doing a 2 hour design sprint together with their team all the way to the user experience test. They value customer’s satisfaction a lot and will make sure that you get the website you need that is effective for today’s ever changing and fast paced world.

Not to mention that they are a dedicated team who aims to lift the Filipino talent and make it recognizable across the world.
More power to Potatocodes and keep doing what you love!
Paolo R. Joaquin
Redesign Manila – Founder
Gomotion Productions – Director and Managing Partner